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    18 Reasons You Need To Have An Irrevocable Crush On Dulquer Salmaan

    An irrevocable, unattainable crush.

    Even though Dulquer Salmaan is married to Chennai-based architect Amal Sufiya...

    1. He is still pretty frikkin' desirable.

    2. And pretty freaking adorable.

    3. He looks hella dapper in every single outfit.

    4. Oh, and he is a total motorhead. THAT MEANS LEATHER JACKETS, YOU GUYS.

    5. And he always urges his fans to ride safe.

    6. This is what he looked like as a baby.

    7. He is one of the few men who looks damn fine with a moustache.

    8. And a beard.

    9. Annddd a proper full-ass beard too.

    10. I challenge you to look at him and not say "mmhmmm".

    11. *battles inappropriate feelings*

    12. More importantly, Dulquer's goodness of heart shines off-screen. He cares about the right causes.

    13. He refuses to live in his father Mammootty's shadow but is always humbled by the comparisons, which makes him perfect.

    14. When two fans of his pulled up next to his car at a traffic signal, trying to take selfies with him, he lowered the window to make their day memorable.

    15. He can effortlessly transition from being a babyfaced college student.

    16. To a mysterious vagabond.

    17. To conclude: I would just like to say thank you for your face, your talent and the beautiful movies you make.

    Same Nithya, same.