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    Are You A Dinosaur Enthusiast? 43 Signs You’re Obsessed

    Dinosaurs are awesome. That’s just a fact.

    1. You think dinosaur chicken nuggets taste better than regular chicken nuggets.

    2. You have watched Land Before Time like a thousand times and you know by heart the directions to the Great Valley.

    3. You know exactly who Robert T. Bakker, Philip Currie, and Jack Horner are.

    4. You know that there are carnivores bigger than T-rex.

    5. You like Ross from Friends because he’s a paleontologist.

    6. You want dinosaurs at your wedding.

    7. You go to dinosaur museums for fun on the weekends.

    8. You also go to dinosaur shows, or anywhere that features dinosaurs.

    9. You ask for dinosaur casts as presents.

    10. Your friends and family regularly post dinosaur links to your Facebook wall and point out everything dinosaur-related to you, and it’s awesome.

    11. You wear dinosaur footie pajamas.

    12. You know that Brontosaurus is a real dinosaur, but it was classified as Apatosaurus for about a 100 years.

    13. You regularly research dinosaurs, join online dinosaur communities, and set up Google alerts so you know when all the new dinosaurs are discovered.

    14. You own dinosaur puppets.

    15. You buy anything with dinosaurs on it: toys, sunglasses, stickers, notebooks, you name it.

    16. You’re upset about Dippy, the famous Diplodocus cast in the Natural History Museum in London, who will be replaced in 2017 by a blue whale skeleton.

    17. You take dinosaur classes in your free time, like Dino 101.

    18. You are jealous of the kid who finds dinosaur bones in her backyard.

    19. You look at birds up close to find the raptor resemblance, even gross pigeons.

    20. You know Dimetrodon is not a dinosaur, even though it appears near dinosaurs in most museums.

    21. You read books like Raptor Red, Love in the Time of Dinosaurs, and Cretaceous Dawn.

    22. You watch documentaries like Dinosaur 13 and The Ballad of Big Al.

    23. You love Jim Henson, not just for the Muppets and Sesame Street, but also for his TV show Dinosaurs.

    24. You know that the theropod Torvosaurus gurneyi is named after James Gurney, the paleo-artist who gave the world Dinotopia.

    25. You know that the “Velociraptors” in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World are actually Deninonychus.

    26. You know that even though Little Foot is an amazing sauropod, his kind were actually not that smart.

    27. You know that Dilophosaurus was actually a large predator with head crests that weighed nearly one ton.

    28. You know there are two kinds of dinosaurs, lizard-hipped saurischians and bird-hipped ornithiscians.

    29. You know the difference between Giganotosaurus and Gigantosaurus.

    30. You know that even though Ankylosaurus is known as a “living tank,” it may have had the ability to blush.

    31. You know that most dinosaurs were herbivores, but that the first known dinosaurs were carnivores.

    32. You know that Dilpodocus had a whip-tail, which probably could break the sound barrier.

    33. You know that female T-rexes were bigger than male T-rexes.

    34. You know that Allosaurus probably belly-flopped a lot when running.

    35. You know that Stegosaurus had a monkey-like tail, with no locking joints, which came in handy when fighting Allosaurus.

    36. You know that at least one dinosaur was a burrower.

    37. You know that what we know about dinosaurs is constantly changing.

    38. You know that not all flying dinosaurs were birds or pterosaurs.

    39. You know that the fastest dinosaurs were the ostrich-like ones (like Gallimimus), known as ornithomimids.

    40. You know that the word “dinosaur” means “terrible lizard.”

    41. You know that the Bone Wars between Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh was a race to find the most dinosaur bones.

    42. You’ve seen all the Jurassic Park movies and will be in line for the midnight showing of Jurassic World on June 12.

    43. You know that we’re in the golden age of dinosaurs, and about half of all the known dinosaur species have been discovered in the past 20 years.