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    20 Golden Globe Nominees Reimagined As Food

    Here's what to serve at your award show viewing party.

    1. The Theory of Everything Bagels

    2. Cake

    3. The Hundred Foot-Long Journey

    4. Reese's Witherspoon

    5. The Imitation Crab Game

    6. The (L)Eggo Movie

    7. Big Hero 6

    8. Loxcatcher

    9. Gone Girl Scout Cookies


    10. Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch

    11. Eddie Red-wine

    12. Julianna Margaritas

    13. The Book of Life Cereal


    14. How to Train Your Dragon Fruit 2

    15. House of Carbs

    16. Wes Andersundae

    17. Chicken Birdnuggets

    18. Jessica Cheestain

    19. Quinoa Phoenix

    20. Lena Dunham