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    Top 10 Things Every Delegate Needs To Know Before Conference

    How to survive at NMUN • NY!

    1. We aren't traveling, but make sure you have things picked out and ready in advance.

    2. Be sure to get a lot of sleep in advance—this conference will be long and tiring.

    3. Have all of your information in your binder including copies of your speeches and the template!

    4. Make sure you budget time and money for food. The area is quite expensive so consider bringing some snacks to lighten the cost.

    5. Stay hydrated! be sure to drink lots of water because you'll be working long hours all day.

    6. Before and even during the conference, take time for yourself and take care of your physical and mental health.

    7. Keep your cool while in conference--remember diplomatic language and behavior. In turn, you deserve respect and courtesy.

    8. Be in constant communication with your partner to ensure that you are always on the same page.

    9. Be supportive of your partner and other members in your committee.

    10. Remember why you are at conference--your personal and country goals and objectives. Make this conference count!