Which David Bowie Are You?

From Space Oddity to The Next Day, it’s undeniable everyone’s got a little of this endlessly layered legend inside of them. Find out which phase is yours, and listen along to David across the decades right now on Spotify.

2. Think you know which Bowie you might be? Boogie onward to find out!

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    1. At play rehearsal
    2. In the fine art studio
    3. Band practice (marching OR garage)
    4. Owning everyone in the cafeteria without saying a word
    5. Dominating student council
    6. Trying something new every quarter
    7. The A/V department
    8. Tutoring
    9. Plugging away at home after class
    1. Helping the host by cleaning up along the way
    2. Introducing yourself to strangers
    3. None of your business (and don’t mind the locked door)
    4. Fixing your makeup
    5. I wasn’t invited, but it’s not my scene and that’s OK
    6. Playing DJ and conducting the epic singalong everyone will remember
    7. Nerding out with a cutie in the corner
    8. Starting a dance-off
    9. Supplying the visuals
    1. A battery booster for your cell phone
    2. At least one little thing that sparkles
    3. Your top-of-the-line headphones
    4. Wait… I actually have to leave the house?
    5. A change of clothes — you don’t know where the day may take you
    6. The most comfortable pair of shoes
    7. A plan B
    8. Something designer
    9. The trinket you just got for your friend while traveling
    1. A Muppet
    2. Iman (for a little while)
    3. Iman (forever)
    4. Your high school sweetheart
    5. No one in particular
    6. Freddie Mercury
    7. Trent Reznor
    8. Whoever has the best record collection
    9. Yourself
    1. Berlin
    2. New York City
    3. New Orleans
    4. Memphis
    5. London
    6. Oh no, I don’t DO airplanes
    7. Los Angeles
    8. Paris
    9. I’ll make the best of anywhere — it’s an adventure, right?
    1. A ball of energy
    2. A mad genius
    3. Adorably cool
    4. Incredibly plugged in
    5. Effortlessly amazing
    6. As if I CARE what anyone else thinks of me
    7. A giving and loyal friend
    8. Fearless
    9. Just slightly “off”
    1. A trip to space camp
    2. Cocaine
    3. A slush fund for throwing epic ragers
    4. I can’t choose one thing — the world is my oyster
    5. A drum machine
    6. Admission to a Broadway master class
    7. Blackout curtains
    8. Your very own studio
    9. A vintage wardrobe and rare rock & roll memorabilia
    1. All the possibilities in front of you
    2. How much better you are than everyone else
    3. Fear you may be spreading yourself too thin
    4. Whether or not you’re pushing it too far
    5. I don’t need to sleep — every day is a dream
    6. How much you’re going to blow everyone’s minds, and how they have absoutely no clue
    7. Debating if you’re really ready or not to flip the switch
    8. The vastness of the universe
    9. Whether or not you’re having as much fun as possible
    1. “Strawberry Fields Forever”
    2. “Get Back”
    3. “Yer Blues”
    4. “Happiness Is a Warm Gun”
    5. “Twist and Shout”
    6. “Magical Mystery Tour”
    7. “Tomorrow Never Knows”
    8. “With a Little Help from My Friends”
    9. “Something”

4. Start streaming selections from your spirit animal Bowie era right now on Spotify!

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