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8 Fans Explain Their Lives With The Dead

Because loving this band is certainly one long, strange trip in itself. Learn about the Grateful Dead's infamous mysticism and legacy by streaming the Landmark Edition of American Beauty and a handpicked starter kit of songs and shows powered by Spotify.

17 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning To Deadheads

Every culture has its native tongue. Educate yourself with the Landmark Edition of American Beauty featuring commentary from Bob Weir and producer Steve Barncard, available exclusively on Spotify.

Who Would You Be On Dead Tour?

Hey hey — come right away — come and join the party every day! Take this test to find out where YOU belong on the golden road as a Grateful Dead recruit, and get as much of the band as your heart can handle right now on Spotify.

The Evolution Of Music Discovery

How did you find YOUR favorite song? Discover new music with Spotify Taste Rewind.

45 Reasons "American Beauty" Is A National Treasure

The Grateful Dead's masterpiece turns 45 years old this year, as the band turns 50. Find out why the album has stood the test of time with its Landmark Edition — featuring commentary from Bob Weir and producer Steve Barncard — streaming exclusively on Spotify!

Your Friend, The Music Expert

Spotify Taste Rewind: You don't always need an expert to discover new music.

12 Epic Moments In Music That Show History Repeats Itself

Throughout history, music has been reactive to social and popular culture. Sure, the ‘60s were great, but what happened then is influencing the history we are making now. Discover the music then that shaped today with Spotify Taste Rewind.

50 Reasons To Be Grateful For The Dead

The Grateful Dead's 50-year-long strange trip down so many roads is an unbroken chain of sunshine daydreams and old memories coming alive. Luckily, the music never stops with Spotify — now featuring the Landmark Edition of "American Beauty" for your streaming pleasure.

The Evolution Of Iconic Hairstyles Through Music History

Fashion has been an integral part in music, and music has had an integral role in influencing fashion. Discover the sounds that influenced the hair of today, with Spotify Taste Rewind.

11 Lovely Lyrical Thank-Yous

Gratitude is the true reason for the season! Share yours with someone you adore through song! And make all your days the most merry and bright with Spotify.

Is This Music Genre Real Or Nah?

The most played genres of 2014 — or total nonsense. You decide. Whatever you loved listening to, discover your very own Year in Music powered by Spotify.

30 Lines Proving 2014 Was The Year Of The Singer-Songwriter

No matter the genre, these thoughtful lyrics will get you right in the gut. Celebrate the Year in Music and get the last of your 2014 discoveries in now with Spotify!

7 Charts Breaking Down The Year's Biggest Earworms

We heard these songs so many times, they just had to be broken down science-style. Get a visualization of YOUR Year in Music right now with Spotify!

11 Words That Music In 2014 Changed Forever

The year's vocab is on fleek. Educate yourself on the year's best music, and find out what you (and we ALL) listened to the most on Spotify.

Can You Guess These Emoji Versions Of 2014's Top Songs?

"...people probably hate us." Remember this year beyond the universal language of music, and get YOUR Year in Music from Spotify right now! #Spotify2014

11 Rockin' Recipes For Your Holiday Table

Turn your culinary crop up to 11 – and try out Spotify's Time For Turkey while you get this year's meal together! The site that bakes you perfectly timed playlists to accompany your actual amazing cooking skills. Too cool.

14 Rarer Tracks To Rock Around The Christmas Tree

Christmas music is great, but hearing the same songs on the radio is NOT great. Here are some lesser-known versions of classics you'll have on repeat this holiday season, all available on Spotify.

18 Metavational Posters To Rock Your World

Disrespect your surroundings. And rock out heavily all year long with Spotify.