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28 Tattoos Inspired By Your Favorite Bands

Some fans love music so much, it's a part of them forever. Here's to those who wear the songs of their heart on their sleeves — literally. #NowFeeling inked and inspired, thanks to Spotify.

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1. C'mon skinny love, just last a year...

"Skinny Love" – Bon Iver

3. ...I heard you say.

"Don't Look Back in Anger" – Oasis

5. Holding on to yourself the best you can...

"The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot" - Brand New

7. I am not afraid to keep on living...

"Famous Last Words" – My Chemical Romance

10. I must confess, I'm in love with my own sins...

"America's Suitehearts" – Fall Out Boy

12. I'd never sing of love if it does not exist, but darling, you are the only exception...

"The Only Exception" – Paramore

14. Everybody's gone, and I've been here for too long, to face this on my own...

"Dammit" – Blink-182

16. Ohhhh, I can hear 'em singin'...

"Even If It Breaks Your Heart" – Eli Young Band

28. Trouble, trouble trouble trouble, trouble been doggin' my soul since the day I was born...

Vanessa Viglietta / Tattoo by Corey Scoolidge of Explicit Tattoo – Suffern, NY

"Trouble" – Ray LaMontagne

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