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15 Of The Best Bands To Come From College Campuses

Here's pure proof that a little extracurricular activity could turn you into a legend. And now Spotify wants you to have your very own musical breakthrough while walking across the quad — Spotify Premium is now $4.99 a month exclusively for college students!

With inspiration like this, how can you resist?

1. The Doors – UCLA

2. Dave Matthews Band – UVA

3. Phish – University of Vermont

4. Ra Ra Riot – Syracuse

5. Jukebox the Ghost – George Washington University

6. MGMT – Wesleyan

7. Vampire Weekend – Columbia University

8. Reptar – University of Georgia

9. Hootie and the Blowfish – University of South Carolina

10. Talking Heads – Rhode Island School of Design (RISD)

11. Public Enemy – Adelphi University

12. Hall & Oates – Temple University

13. Better Than Ezra – LSU

14. The Pixies – UMass Amherst

15. The Strokes – NYU

Spotify Premium is now 50% off for college students! Snag it for a mere $4.99/month. How does that sound?

This survey gets an A+ – trust us.