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Hip-Hop meets Sports: List of athletes Lil' Wayne mentions in his "Sorry 4 the wait" mixtape

Wayne's mixtape dropped this morning and I noticed a few athletes were mentioned in his verses. Among those mentioned: JIMMER, the Boston Bruins, and coach Stan van Gundy, haha. O Wayne, haha. Here is a link to download the mixtape if interested. Warning (Strong language). -@sportsfeeder1

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  • Mixtape Cover

    Mixtape Cover

  • Boston Bruins 1:35 - 1:41

    Boston Bruins 1:35 - 1:41

    Throwed off - "I be doing me don't give a fuck bout what you doing. Bloodgang Bitch Big B's BOSTON BRUINS." Alliteration much?

  • O.J. Simpson :35-40

    O.J. Simpson :35-40

    Marvin's Room - "I ain't a killer but don't push me, I'll O.J. Simpson that pussy."

  • Jimmer Fredette :46-58

    Jimmer Fredette :46-58

    Sure Thing - Lord knows I'm a sinner, pain pills for dinner, bitch I'm getting money like I got a money printer, got a choppa and a trimmer, shooting like JIMMER, you coming in that water you better be a swimmer.

  • Babe Ruth 1:12 - 1:18

    Babe Ruth 1:12 - 1:18

    Racks - "Real nigga since day 1, cus I ain't promised day 2. Though that pussy had me, Bitch I think I'm BABE RUTH."

  • Tyson :27 - 37

    Tyson :27 - 37

    Hands Up - "Got a long ass list of bad ass bitches and I stay burned out like a bad transmission. I'm the lights I light up, the kush knocked out, TYSON fights[...]"

  • Stan van Gundy :50-54

    Stan van Gundy :50-54

    Sorry 4 the Wait - "I'm talking about money and the power, power and the money, this shit is mad, STAN VAN GUNDY! I'm going to run this shit till i'm last man running!"

  • Jose Canseco :34 - 40

    Jose Canseco :34 - 40

    Grove St. Party - "No champagne but you know my flag Rosay. Swagger on steroids CANSECO, JOSE."

  • John Cena 1:16 - 1:22

    John Cena 1:16 - 1:22

    Grove Street Party - "You know that i'm loaded but please don't think its sweeter. Beat one of you bitch niggas up like JOHN CENA."