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Girls in Sports Jerseys: Rihanna rocking an Alabama Crimson Tide Jersey. Roll Tide Roll!!!

Why is she wearing a 'Bama jersey you may ask? Bama was hit hard by a tornado and she was performing a benefit concert in Birmingham to raise money for disaster relief. Good stuff! For more info and galleries visit The Birmingham News.

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  • Dee Hart currently wears #1 on the team

    Dee Hart currently wears #1 on the team


  • Opening Act

    Very bright..

  • Lap Dance - Yes Please....

  • Rihanna on the drums

  • Scorpion Cameo during shut up and drive


  • S & M

  • Sweet Home Alabama

  • Her singing in said Alabama jersey

    Why she didn't sing Sweet Home Alabama to this.... Anywho, for more concert vids visit Youtube user: RachelBlondie1's page, she has the mother load of concert vids.