• Dancing in the streets

    See that cat daddy, CLEAN

  • American Airlines arena in Dallas

  • Heat fan is not happy

  • This Heat fan is really angry, somebody give him a hug

  • Fuck the Heat chant in a bar, nice…

  • Car Horns

  • more cars

  • Fans arrested

  • Driving past line to buy championship gear

  • More at AAC

  • Taking it to the streets

  • AP video

  • Right outside AAC

  • Bar

  • We are the champions

  • Dancing on top of bar

  • Burning heat stuff

  • French media covering their player Rodrigue Beaubois

  • Miami Herald


  • El Nuevo Herald - Dream Over


  • Star-Telegram


  • Beaumont Enterprise


  • Dallas Morning News


  • NY Daily News


  • NY Post


  • Cuban dances to Ballin

    LMAOOOOO, Jim Jones chuckles

  • 100 bottles of Rose on the wall….

  • All of the lights


  • Mavs singing we are the champions


  • Another bar celebration

  • More Horns blaring

  • 14 mins of video

  • Sound system thumping

  • High Rise View

  • The guy towards the end of vid looks like Mark Cuban sorta…

  • Last Minute of Game recorded by Heat fan

  • Heat fan loses a bet then loses his hair

  • What Chris Bosh was probably doing last night…

  • JJ Barea fans in Puerto Rico celebrate

  • Lebron’s message to everybody after the loss


  • Jason Terry has a question for LeBron


  • Black & Yellow Remix- Heat didn’t win

    YES!!!!! SLANDER!!! The anthem for Heat Haters, haha. Great NBA season! Can’t wait for next year assuming there is no “lockout.” 8/