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    Save Supernatural In The UK

    The fan favorite TV show Supernatural has been cancelled in the UK.

    Save Supernatural In The UK

    Supernatural has been cancelled by the only channel showing it in the UK and the UK fans are waiting for information on when/if it will get a new home for Season 9 & 10.

    There have been various projects by the UK fans to try and get SPN back in the UK!

    Supernatural Wayward Son Campaign.

    Supernatural wayward son poster.

    Supernatural Wayward Son was a campaign to try and get Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas to No1 in the UK. It didn't quite make it to No.1 in the music charts, but did make it into the download charts and No.1 in the Amazon rock download charts, plus the campaign received attention from many important people including Warner Brothers.

    Save SPN in The UK

    @SaveSPNinTheUK poster

    The twitter account @SaveSPNintheUK arranged for flyers to be handed out at UK conventions and posted everywhere online. They had twitter trending campaigns to get #UKNeedsSPN trending.

    The also arranged a Selfies Video Campaign – Which shows fans from across the UK and their need for Supernatural to be aired in the UK, by them submitting a 'selfie' holding up a sign with the hastag #UKNeedsSPN or #UKNeedsSupernatural

    Other campaigns and what's next?

    There have been Letter writing campaigns, to contact the people that may be able to get the show back onto UK TV, Plus various groups, sites, social media accounts set up for the sole purpose of getting Supernatural back in the UK.

    John Lordan from @LordanArts has backed the campaign, making this video to support the UK Supernatural fans. Fan Fail

    What next?

    There are rumors that NetflixUK will be showing Supernatural S9, but no word on when and if they will be showing S10.

    The S9 DVD was supposedly going to be released in the UK on October 20th 2014, but has now been put back to October 2015!

    How do UK fans watch?

    The UK fans have had to resort to downloading the show. This is not something that they want to do, but to be able to be part of the fandom they need to keep up to date with the show. By not showing Supernatural S9 or S10 in line with the US air date the UK fans are being forced to do something illegal or risk being excluded from the fandom! The fandom which many say has not only enhanced but also saved their lives.

    Not Important?

    There are many UK fans and they are just as dedicated as the US fans; look at how fast the Supernatural Conventions sell out in the UK. Asylum14, to be held next May, sold out within just a few months with just one guest announced, which is fast for a convention.

    But because they are not US fans they are forgotten, not important.

    What more can we do?

    The only thing the UK fans can do is to keep trying, make your voices heard.

    Tell your story of why you need Supernatural back in the UK!

    If you are a UK Supernatural fan explain why the show is important to you and why you want it back on UK TV, plus how difficult it has been for you not being able to watch it in line with US air dates. If you are a non UK fan please think about what the show means to you and how you would feel if you were unable to watch it like the UK fans.

    You can also sign this petition to WB UK