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    26 Reasons Why Having Dimples Is The Cutest Deformity Ever

    Those of us who are born with dimples, are part of a secret society that have been placed on earth to bring joy to all.

    1. Enchanted fairy's have sprinkled magic dust upon your cheeks, adding a delightful twinkle to your smile.

    2. Welcome to the D.S.S (Dimple Secret Society).

    3. 20% of the population are born with dimples. Which leaves the other 80% in awe of the charming indentations in your face.

    4. Dimples are a facial muscle deformity. An envious deformity that has been requested by many cosmetic surgery patients.

    5. D.S.S members have the power to make everyone around them smile.

    6. It's kinda like looking into the eyes of Medusa, you know you turn into stone. If you look at our smile, you are forever charmed.

    7. You may not know why, but you will find yourself laughing right along with us.

    8. And you will relish in the unknown with glee.

    9. The one minor downside is people have a hard time taking you seriously.

    10. Right?

    11. Dimples are associated with eternal youth. So even if you're the gorgeousness that is Gabrielle Union, people don't see this:

    They see this:

    12. If Ed Sheeran's music makes you gush, and his grin makes you blush.

    It's because this is what you see, when he smiles.

    13. Hollywood has been cast under our spell too. It's the reason many celebrities have dimples.

    14. The Music Industry...same spell:

    15. Being blessed with dimples means never having a bad day.

    16. People magazine chose Adam Levine as the Sexiest Man Alive.

    17. How could they not, he's a D.S.S member.

    18. Diddy gets it, he wrote a song about it. Like to here it? Here it goes:

    View this video on YouTube

    Via YouTube

    "And what I need is simple, five foot five with dimples.

    Potential wife credentials."

    19. Some D.S.S members have the mystifying ability to blend sweet and sexy.

    20. If you're into that kind of thing.

    21. For dimple lover's, this is a gift.

    22. A gift from the D.S.S.

    23. I'm sure you're smiling because, well, you don't really have a choice.

    24. To the world I say, "You're welcome."

    25. Our secret society will continue to smile upon you, making you feel like a precious kitten has blown softly in your ear.

    26. Pow! You've just been charmed.