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10 Vines Of Grandma's Dancing That'll Make You Want To Turn The Music Up

Age ain't nothing but a number, watch these granny's drop it like its hot.

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1. You Know You Want It.

Maurice Vega / Via Vine

2. I Got The Moves Like Jagger.

Ronnie Saso / Via Vine

3. Turn Down For What?!

Austin Gage / Via Vine

4. It's Going Down.

Flo Knows / Via Vine

5. Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya.

Aly Barrett / Via Vine

6. She's Up All Night To The Sun.

Christina / Via Vine

7. Go, Go, Go Granny!

Pharohh / Via Vine

8. Dancing Queen.

Hydraulics / Via Vine

9. Happy.

Peggy / Via Vine

10. Shake Your Groove Thang.

GatlinHiatt / Via Vine

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