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    Posted on Nov 23, 2014

    The Definitive Ranking of Love In "Love Actually"

    It's less than five weeks until Christmas, and this is what really matters.

    9. Juliet, Peter, and Mark


    It may be responsible for one of the most famous scenes in the movie, but this love triangle is just plain weird. That peck on the cheek can’t have kept Mark going for long, and what does he pretend to be instead of carol singers if he turns up in July?

    8. Karen and Harry


    These two escape the bottom because at least everything is out in the open. Emma Thompson is fantastic, which makes it all the more painful when she opens that dreaded CD.

    7. Sarah and Karl


    We know she did the right thing. But that doesn't stop us screaming DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE.

    6. Billy and His Manager


    The blossoming bromance. No word as to what his manager was doing while Billy danced naked on TV.

    5. Jamie and Aurelia


    They're sweet and all, but she hasn't met his brother yet.

    4. Colin and America


    The dreams are real.

    3. John and Just Judy


    Getting foreplay out of the way before knowing each other’s names is clearly the secret to lasting romance.

    2. David and Natalie


    The Prime Minister we all wish we had and the girl next door (well, next door to Alan Rickman’s would-be mistress). David Cameron’s entire political success can be traced back to people liking his name for this reason.

    1. Daniel and Sam


    Yes, there’s a girl involved as well. But you have a heart of stone if this tale of Liam Neeson and his step-son doesn’t leave you feeling warm, fuzzy, and — most importantly — more Christmas-y than ever.

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