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10 Reasons Peter Capaldi Could Be The Best Doctor Ever

By now everyone who follows Doctor Who, knows that the twelfth incarnation of the Doctor will be Peter Capaldi. However all that people seem to be writing about is the fact that he is old and questions about if he can overcome being typecast as Malcolm Tucker. This is a list on why I think Peter Capaldi could be the best Doctor ever.

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1. He is a true Whovian!

First things first Peter Capaldi is truly a lifetime fan of the show. Capaldi is fifty five years old, which makes him only five years older than the show itself. He grew up watching Doctor Who, knows every Doctor, and famously wrote a letter to UK TV listings magazine (Americans would say TV guide) at the age of 15 about how much he loved the show. Matt Smith really knew nothing about the show and spent his many months before his first season watching what ever episodes he could find. For Capaldi he considers this the role of a lifetime.

2. He is an Experienced and Award Winning Actor

Peter Capaldi is an Academy Award winning actor. Actors tend to be unknown when they step into the TARDIS for the first time. Peter Davison and Jon Pertwee, were the biggest exceptions. But Capaldi is known around the world. An accomplished writer, director, and more then capable of handling the stresses of playing the lead role.

3. He is Not in a Hurry to Leave

Matt Smith, David Tennant, and Christopher Eccleston all seemed to rush out of the TARDIS for bigger and better things. Capaldi has done it all and this could be his last hurrah. He's closer to the end of his career than the beginning. Soooo.....

4. He Could Beat Tom Baker's Record

The longest term for any Doctor is Tom Baker, who lasted for seven years between 1974 and 1981. Many fans have been waiting for an actor to outlast him ever since, especially this new generation of Whovians who might be looking for their quintessential Doctor. Although many fans of "new Who" will say David Tennant is "their" Doctor. If Capaldi is as comfortable in the TARDIS as any fan would be in their dream role, why wouldn't he hold on to the role?

5. The Drama Could Be Really Intense

I don't think that anyone could deny that David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Christopher Eccelston did an amazing job at portraying the incredible sadness and solitude it is being the last of the time lords. However there is a certain level of darkness and pain that an older actor can portray that a young actor just can't. Looking through the eyes of a 26 year old saying that he has experienced over 1000 years of traveling through space and time is believable because Chris, David, and Matt are incredible actors but with Capaldis surly old looks, believing the pain and anguish will just be effortless.

**Spoiler Alert** Just to highlight what I mean the, 15 seconds John Hurt is seen on screen and the two sentences he spoke you just know, that he went through some serious stuff. Something that isn't easily conveyed by a young actor.

6. More "Sherlock" Type Plots

Now one disadvantage to Peter Capaldi being 55 years old is most likely he will not be able to bring the physicality, that David Tennant and Matt Smith brought to the role. This means that Steven Moffat (lead writer of Sherlock) will have to create story lines that highlight the Doctors intellectual prowess rather than his physical prowess i.e. hanging from the TARDIS and running down seemingly endless corridors. This means the show will have to rely on Capaldi's acting abilities and Moffat's skills as a writer.

7. Not Really a Chance for a Romantic Connection with the Companion

I know many female Doctor Who fans will be disappointed to hear this but the lack of romantic connection between the Doctor and companion could be a very good thing. In the past the Doctor not having a romantic attachment to the companion has made some really good television. It also means that, if there isn't going to be a romantic connection there could be a male companion who could play more of a sidekick. For anyone who has seen some of the fifth doctor (Peter Davision) episodes, Adric was one of the Doctors companions and he had an incredible relationship with the Doctor. Adric was a math genius and always figured things out faster then the Doctor. Also it is fair to say that Matt Smith did very well at not really having a romantic connection to his companions, with the exception of River Song of course. However there could be potential for romantic connections with this Doctor because.....

8. Peter Capaldi is a Young 55

Although he is 55 he doesn't quite look or seem that old. Which means there could be some really good action scenes where he could put up performances that rival Tennant and Smith. Now I can't imagine him running like Tennant and I certainly can't imagine him running around or get jostled around the TARDIS console like Matt Smith. However I do think he will be able to convey a level of physicality that Doctor Who fans tend to expect. Also back to the point I made before, because of his intellectual prowess it will be that more dramatic when he has to run to save the companion or jump and hang from something. It would be a moment where you think, it must be really important or dire because he is running.

9. He Truly is a Madman in a Box

If you have seen clips of Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven't seen him as Malcolm Tucker then go on YouTube and look up Malcolm Tucker clips. This one really doesn't need more explaining, just look up Malcolm Tucker.

10. The Doctor and River Song

Many people think River Song is gone. This however has been addressed but Steven Moffat in many interviews. He has said that "her timeline is in flux and constantly changing and to think that we would never have her back would be foolish". So even though Moffat always lies I hope he is telling the truth. That all being said it would be incredible to see Capaldi (55) and Kingston (50) work together because then it would be like a couple who grew old together. Again even though Matt Smith did a great job watching Capaldi and River argue would be incredible, well......go watch Malcolm Tucker clips and you will understand.

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