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    • spencerm3

      “The Monster” he’s referring to is the team. During the past offseason, new coach Chuck Pagano coined the phrase “Building the Monster” to describe the teams efforts. As you may have heard, Coach Pagano was diagnosed with luekemia mid season, and had to takealeave of absence to battle the debilitating disease. His team and coaching staff played far beyond their talent level in order to extend the season in hopes that their leader would be able to return this year. Pagano beat his cancer, and was able to return to coaching the team he loves during the final game of the regular season, and any remaining games in the playoffs. Throughout the season, Mr. Irsay, the team, and fans have referred to Pagano’s “Monster” reference asatribute to honor to the man himself, and the fighters mentality he’s instilled in the team. Basically, you just insultedaman’s tribute toacancer survivor. Good job. Hope you feel better!

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