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23 Struggles Of Working In The Fast Food Industry

Would you like fries with that attitude?

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2. When people use the drive-thru to empty out their piggy banks, leaving you with $15 dollars in coins.

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Sir, I've got another order coming in over the headset, I have to make three milkshakes for you, and now I have to count all of this change. No.

3. When your chain restaurant adds new items to the menu, and everything’s place on the register changes.

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"1-1-3 used to mean 'Snickers Blizzard,' but now it's '6-piece chicken nuggets.' Damn."


6. Not being able to hear someone ordering from the drive-thru because their engine is too loud.

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And they don’t turn off their engine no matter how many times you ask, so you defeatedly say, “please pull up.”

7. That goes double for the people who speak so softly when ordering, and you basically have to guess what they want.

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Did they say “grilled chicken sandwich” or “large fry?” Ugh. I’ll just give them both.


14. Waiting those painfully long six minutes for the deep fryer to cook that crispy chicken sandwich you need ASAP.

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I know you’re hungry, ma’am, but I can’t give you your sandwich right now unless you want it to be frozen solid.


18. When someone comes to the drive-thru JUST as the kitchen is about to close and orders a gargantuan amount of crispy chicken sandwiches.


23. And foregoing the daily urge to quit every time you have to clean up someone’s spilled drink or throw up off the floor.

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Bonus points to you for surviving if the spill was on a carpeted area.