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Which "Titanic" Moments Always Infuriate You?


If you're a normal human, you've probably seen Titanic at least 37 times in your life.

But let's be real... the movie isn't perfect, OK?! Some parts are, dare I say it, annoying!

Maybe you're still upset with Rose because you KNOW she could have made room for Jack on the wooden plank.

Perhaps this White Star Line employee always ruffles your feathers when you re-watch the film. Like, the ship is sinking, bud. Just SHUP UP.

Perhaps you still get angry at the people in Molly Brown's boat after she begged for them to go back.

(Obviously this movie is based on true events, but still! More than one boat should have turned back!)

Or maybe it always bothered you that Rose told Jack she'd never let go, and then .3 seconds later she FUCKING LET GO.

Tell us the Titanic moments that enrage you the most via the DropBox below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!