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What's The Worst Thing You Witnessed While Working In A Hotel?


Working in a hotel is no easy task. You may have to deal with demanding customers, wildly-filthy rooms, and very unusual requests.

So that got me thinking: What's the weirdest, worst, or most bizarre thing you've ever experienced or witnessed while working in a hotel?

Maybe you had to clean the presidential suite after a certain A-list celebrity stayed the night, only to discover literal feces and vomit covering the whole bathroom.

Perhaps you were working in the front lobby, and a guest called down with an emergency because they accidentally got something stuck up their butt during ~sexy time~ and you had to call the ambulance.

Or maybe you witnessed or experienced something even more wild, and you just need to tell someone about it.

Working in a hotel can be a truly interesting experience, so tell us your funny, awkward, and bizarre horror stories via the DropBox below!

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!