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What's The Most Sexual Thing You've Ever Done?


It's so interesting to hear about other people's insane sexual adventures.


We're talkin' those incredible sexual experiences from a few years back that you ~still~ think about every time you masturbate now.

Harpo Films

Maybe you've recently gotten into BDSM or some 50 Shades kinda thing, with whips and costumes and everything in between.

Universal Pictures

Perhaps you had your first threesome, got tied up, and broadcasted the whole thing on your own cam show.

Messidor Films

Or maybe you and an ex tried getting steamy at the movie theater one time, but you had to be realllllly quiet so no one around you could hear the freaky stuff you were doing.

Fox Searchlight Pictures

This is a safe space, so tell us the kinkiest thing you've ever done (and don't be scared to go into detail!) via the DropBox below.

The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!