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Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?

Inspired by this freaky Reddit thread.

It's simple: Some people believe in ghosts, and other people are fools.

So that got me thinking... if you used to not believe in ghosts but do now, what experience changed your mind?

Maybe you were like this Reddit user who experienced something completely unsettling when you thought you were 1,000,000% alone.

Perhaps you received the news of your grandmother's passing, and as you started to cry you felt something wipe the tear from your cheek and then hug you tightly.

Or maybe you experienced something else paranormal that has absolutely no explanation for other than GHOSTS.

It's time to get spooky, so use the comments below to tell us the paranormal experience that made you believe ghosts are real.

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!