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    People Are Sharing What $1 Gets Them In Food In Their Country, And I'm So Freaking Jealous

    I neeeeeed to try a Frozen Coke from McDonald's in Australia.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what foods they can buy in their country for one American dollar, and the responses were too good to not share. Here are the mouth-watering results.

    1. India — a three-course meal, like pav bhaji (a vegetable curry with bread)

    Pav bhaji with a salad

    2. Australia — a Frozen Coke from McDonald's

    An array of flavored Frozen Cokes

    3. Hungary — a whole bottle of wine

    An assortment of Hungarian wines

    4. Netherlands — a stroopwafel

    5. Vietnam — a bánh mì and an iced coffee

    Someone holding their Banh Mi in Hanoi, Vietnam

    6. Canada — four or five Timbits from Tim Horton's

    A variety of donut holes

    7. Italy — a supplì

    A plate of supplî

    8. Mexico — elote preparado from a street vendor

    Someone holding an elote preparado in the street

    9. Pakistan — two or three shawarmas from a street vendor

    A plate of shawarma with meat and veggies

    10. Turkey — five Turkish bagels (simit) and a Turkish tea

    A pile of simits

    11. China — a qīngtuán

    Someone holding a qīngtuán

    12. Also in China — two or three baozi (or bao), depending on the fillings

    A close-up of a steamed bun

    13. France — a giant baguette

    A storefront with baskets of baguettes

    14. Chile — one completo Italiano (a Chilean-Italian-style hot dog)

    A hot dog with toppings

    15. Poland — one shot of vodka at the bar

    Several containers of Bols vodka at a Polish grocery store

    16. Indonesia — a portion of chicken porridge and chicken heart satay

    17. Sweden — a kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon bun)

    Traditional Swedish Kanelbullar cinnamon bun

    18. Colombia — three empanadas

    A tray of empanadas

    19. Argentina — alfajores

    20. Honduras — 11 bananas

    A man selling bananas at a farmer's market in Tegucigalpa

    21. Also in Honduras — a baleada

    A baleada with eggs and beans

    22. Malta — one pastizz (a savory pastry)

    Two pastizzi from street vendors

    23. Cairo — a falafel or shawarma pita

    Falafel in a pita with veggies

    24. Malaysia — two servings of nasi lemak

    25. England — a sausage roll from Greggs

    A sausage roll and cup of coffee

    26. Norway — one package of instant ramen

    A cup of Mr. Lee's instant ramen

    27. United States — one slice of plain pizza

    A slice of plain pizza and a slice of pepperoni pizza