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    We Played With Bizarre Sex Toys So You Don't Have To

    But why is there an alien dildo that lays eggs inside of you?

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the weirdest sex toys they've ever heard of... and then we played with them.

    First up was The Ovipositor, an alien penis that lays eggs inside of you.


    Then came the Just-In Beaver blow-up doll.

    It apparently looked like more than one celebrity.

    And it was a little too much to handle...

    Up next came The Great American Challenge, which is HUGE.

    *tries to run away from this 15-inch jelly dildo*

    And then came this High-Intensity Pussy Pump.

    That... is not supposed to go there.

    Group consensus? Sex toys are great, but...

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