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    Updated on Mar 21, 2020. Posted on Mar 28, 2019

    23 Unpopular Food Opinions That Are Actually 100% True

    Cereal is only good when it's soggy.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most unpopular food opinions. Here are the polarizing results.

    1. Ranch dressing ruins any food it touches. It's just a way for people who can only eat bland food to pretend they have varied taste.

    2. Shrimp is vile. It's like seafood-flavored bubblegum.

    3. The only way to eat mac 'n' cheese is by mixing ketchup and ranch in it. Otherwise it tastes terrible.

    4. Watermelon has absolutely no flavor. It's like biting into mushy water.

    5. French fries and cereal are only good when they're soggy.

    6. Breakfast foods are overrated. The whole breakfast menu is made up of the same three items (eggs, syrupy bread, and greasy meat) in different configurations.

    7. Cupcakes aren’t good. The frosting is overwhelming and the actual cake portion literally tastes like nothing.

    8. Cheese is so overrated. It's not the liquid gold that most people make it out to be.

    —Jamie Holwerda, Facebook

    9. Eating a banana is like eating mucus. It has the same texture as puke and also smells awful.

    10. Runny eggs are gross. So many recipes call for half-cooked eggs. Did y’all forget about salmonella? Or the fact that the slimy texture of the yolk is gross?

    11. Mangos taste like mildew and dirt. A moldy mango is just more mango flavor.

    12. Mushrooms are slimy, gross pizza ruiners.

    You can't just pick them off because they leave that horrible oil behind that has soaked into the cheese and ruined the pizza. Sometimes they manage to even ruin the adjacent slices. The smell is gross, the taste is gross, and the texture is the worst.

    —tshirtfort, Facebook

    13. Cooked fruit (like in pies, etc.) is horrific. Fruit should just be eaten as is.

    14. Center brownies are the best, hands down. They're soft and fudgy and perfect, whereas corner and side pieces are basically inedible rocks.

    15. The only way to eat pancakes and waffles is without syrup.

    16. Avocado tastes like nothing. It's really just a completely flavorless mush.

    —Joe Robins, Facebook

    17. Chocolate tastes like dirt and ruins any food you put it on.

    18. The pink strawberry Starbursts should be banned – they're the worst.

    —Heidi Banks, Facebook

    19. Sweet potatoes are not an acceptable alternative to real potatoes. They’re also just trash in general. I don’t care if you make them sweet or savory. They. Are. Not. Good.

    20. Cucumbers are delicious, but pickles? They're disgusting. Who decided it was a good idea to soak cucumbers in nasty-ass vinegar?

    —Michelle Flaherty, Facebook

    21. Eating stuffing is like eating dried vomit.

    22. There is such a thing as too much garlic.

    I don’t get how people eat, like, 12 garlic cloves in one dish. It makes your breath stink, your hands stink, and forget about sweating or else you'll reek of garlic. Nasty.


    23. And ketchup is the worst condiment to ever exist. It’s gross, slimy, doesn’t taste like tomatoes, and looks super fake.