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    25 Infuriating Things That Happened In "The Devil Wears Prada"

    Andy's friends were the worst.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community which The Devil Wears Prada moments annoy them the most. Here are the infuriating results.

    1. When Andy did absolutely zero research into the magazine she was interviewing for, and she had never even heard of Miranda Priestly.

    —India Wright, Facebook

    2. When Andy asked the person on the phone how to spell "Gabbana." Girl, just sound it out.

    3. When Andy scoffed at the two belts, basically laughing in Miranda's face and at all the years she dedicated to fashion.

    —India Wright, Facebook

    4. When Nate made Andy that expensive grilled cheese, which looked so freaking delicious, but she turned it down.

    5. When there was clearly a hurricane occurring outside, but Miranda blamed Andy for not getting her a ride back to New York.

    6. Literally every time Nigel referred to Andy by her dress size.

    7. When all of the clothes magically fit Andy, despite the fact that there were no signs of any Crisco or fishing line.

    —Erica Sloan, Facebook

    8. When Andy gave her friends super nice, expensive gifts, but they repaid her by stealing her phone and playing hot potato with it while Miranda called…

    —Taylor Elizabeth, Facebook

    9. ...And then they got upset with HER after she left the bar.

    —Kate Quinn, Facebook

    10. When Andy disobeyed Emily's strict orders while delivering ~the book~ and literally had a full-on conversation with the twins...

    11. ...And then she even went upstairs. I mean, why didn't she just crawl into bed with Miranda and ask for a bedtime story?

    —Gisella Viano, Facebook

    12. When Miranda's husband said he was humiliated because he had to wait for her at the restaurant, as if it were embarrassing for a man to wait for his working wife...

    13. ...Which truly showed the price Miranda had to pay for her career ambition – that no man would stay with her because of it.

    14. When Miranda said she didn't want her steak, so Andy THREW IT IN THE SINK. Such a waste of a delicious meal and nice tableware.

    15. When Nate spent, like, $5 a strawberry at Dean and Deluca but got mad at Andy for wanting to wear designer clothing.

    16. When Nate thought his birthday was more important than Andy's career...

    17. ...And he literally waited up all night in the dark, just to walk out on her.

    18. When Andy was forced to tell Emily that she was taking her place in Paris. That should have been something Miranda did.

    19. When Lily got furious at Andy because she smiled after Christian kissed her on the cheek...

    20. ...And then Lily basically attacked Andy without giving her a chance to explain the situation at all.

    21. When Nate continuously got frustrated at how demanding Andy's job was, even though he's supposed to be a chef who also works crazy hours.

    22. When Miranda announced that Jacqueline Follet would be working with James Holt, usurping Nigel...


    23. ...And when Nigel plainly accepted it, hoping that she'll pay him back one day.

    24. When Andy threw her phone in the fountain. Like, damn, those cost money! Just decline the call.

    25. And basically the whole end of the movie, when Andy GAVE UP HER FREAKING DREAM JOB SO SHE COULD GO TO BOSTON WITH NATE SO HE COULD COOK.

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    It was, in fact, the sweater that was cerulean. An earlier version of this article stated that it was the two belts. Details of my incompetence do not interest you. That’s all.