The 18 Most Insane Food Challenges Ever

    I hope you brought your appetite.

    1. The 11-Pound Carnivore Pizza Challenge

    2. The 8th Wonder Challenge

    3. The Jack-n-Grill Challenge

    4. The 72-ounce Steak Challenge

    5. The Monster Red Ruby Burger Challenge

    6. The 15 Dozen Club Challenge

    7. The Inferno Bowl Challenge

    8. The KIDZ Breakfast Challenge

    9. The Terminator Challenge

    10. The Widow Maker Challenge

    11. The Fire In Your Hole Challenge

    12. The 7-Pound Italian Challenge

    13. The Pho Garden Challenge

    14. The Knucklehead Challenge

    15. The Bacon Bomb Challenge

    16. The Jumboli Challenge

    17. The Land Lubber’s Challenge

    18. The Kitchen Sink Challenge