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Married People, What's The Biggest Secret You've Ever Kept From Your Spouse?

It's time to spill!

No marriage is absolutely perfect. It takes real work, no matter how much you and your partner may love each other.

The Duke at the altar in a chapel getting married in "Bridgerton"

And even though a lot of people say "communication" is the key to a successful marriage, sometimes people keep secrets from their spouses, whether they're for a good reason or a bad one.

Cookie from "Empire" in a striped shirt and a head wrap

Maybe you've been married before and even have children with an ex, but you're hiding them from your current partner for super personal reasons.

Ron Swanson introducing his brother Don

Perhaps you won millions of dollars in the lottery and decided not to tell your spouse because you don't want the money to change everything and you're perfectly happy with your current lifestyle.

Nic Cage and Bridget Fonda holding a giant check in "It Could Happen to You"
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Or, heck, maybe you slept with your husband's identical twin brother and swore that you'd take the secret to your GRAVE.

Max and Charlie Carver in "Teen Wolf"

This is a judgment-free zone. Use the comments below to tell us the biggest secret you've ever kept from your spouse (or use this Google Form if you want to remain anonymous).

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The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video!