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    13 Truly Disgusting Restaurant Stories That'll Make You Question Eating Out Again


    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their absolute worst restaurant experiences ever. Here are the horrifying results.

    1. "One time I saw a fast-food employee puke in her hands, drop it into the trash can, and then proceed to put our tacos in the bag."

    2. "My mom and brother were about to order when some kid sitting down bit into his chicken tender. It was really stringy, unlike chicken, and incredibly gray, unlike chicken, and had a tail, unlike chicken. He took a bite of A DEEP-FRIED, COOKED RAT."

    3. "One time my cousin bit into a cheeseburger that contained a bloody Band-Aid."

    4. "I worked at the only 24/7 restaurant in town, and we were across the street from a bar. We had what we called a 'serial shitter.' He'd come in every Friday during the bar rush, and he'd leave his poop-filled pants in the stall. Every. Single. Friday."

    5. "I was in line and noticed one of the employees leaning over the French fry bin, PUKING on the fries!"

    6. "One time I walked into the restroom at a restaurant and found period blood smeared ALL over the wall. There was toilet paper available, so I'm not sure if the blood was an artwork or just a sacrifice to Satan?"

    7. "A friend was sitting at a table and eating his food. He noticed a weird sauce on his potatoes, so he dipped his finger for a quick taste. It wasn't sauce... the person who prepared the tray had cut themselves and didn't notice."

    8. "When I was a waiter at a restaurant, the chefs would pre-make the soups, so they'd be in large pots on heaters for us to just ladle into a bowl if ordered. I'd often see some employees hock loogies into the soups and stir them in every time they walked by."

    9. "I found a spider in my sandwich one time, and it was still moving. That was about 35 years ago, and I've never gone back to that restaurant."

    10. "My boyfriend was eating a salad and suddenly stopped. He pulled a chunk of a RAZOR out of his mouth. The restaurant admitted that a piece of the chopper they used for lettuce broke off. Thankfully he chewed carefully that day."

    11. "My husband once bought a pie from a place in Melbourne, and when he bit into it he saw that it was full of maggots."

    12. "One time my coworker dropped a piece of chicken on the kitchen floor. He mentioned the five-second rule and threw it back in the fryer 'to kill the germs.' No thanks!"

    13. And "On my last bite, I noticed a WORM in my noodles. The restaurant called the manager on the phone because he wasn't in at the time, and the manager said, 'Even if it IS a worm, it's been thoroughly cooked, so it won't hurt you.'"

    Do you have a worse restaurant experience? Tell us about it in the comments below!