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Going To The Gym, As Told By Cats

Catwalk your way to a purrfect body.

So your friend convinces you to go to the gym.

But you're hesitant.

'Cause the thought of working out makes you want to kill someone.

And healthy things scare you.

While carbs are your friend.

But you go to the gym anyway.

You walk in, and it's so crowded.

So you ease into it with some stretching.

And maybe a little spotting.

But then your favorite song comes on, so now you're motivated.

So you kick things up a notch.

You know you look really good, and all eyes are on you.

And not even the body builders can intimidate you.

So you go even one step further.

And then your arms feel like Jell-O.

So you cool down on the treadmill.

But five minutes on the treadmill really feels like five hours, and you know death is upon you.

So you hit the showers.

And plan your escape.

Then you crash when you get home.

And all you want is a massage.

'Cause you're so sore that you can barely move.

But at the end of the day you realize it was all worth it.