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    23 Times Chandler Roasted The Hell Out Of The Other "Friends"

    Chandler had no chill.

    1. When Ross got a really bad spray tan:

    2. When Rachel wore this:

    3. When Joey couldn't remember anything:

    4. When Phoebe got Monica and Chandler a Ms. Pac-Man machine:

    5. When Monica was related to Ross:

    6. When Ross and Marcel got a little too close:

    7. When Joey's logic was really faulty:

    8. When Chandler knew this secret:

    9. When Rachel lost in poker:

    10. When Chandler was an asshole to Monica:

    11. When Ross hid the fact that he didn't get an annulment with Rachel:

    12. When Joey made absolutely no sense:

    13. When Ross brought up Chandler's third nipple:

    14. When Joey got his eyebrow done:

    15. When Chandler realllllly questioned his marriage to Monica:

    16. When Ross got roasted to hell and back:

    17. When Joey wanted to send a criptic message:

    18. When Rachel wanted to be included in the Soap Opera Digest interview:

    19. When Monica's hair was ~inexplicable~:

    20. When someone ate Ross' sandwich:

    21. When everything started to make sense:

    22. When Chandler told everyone from college that Ross was killed by a blimp:

    23. And, of course, when Chandler completely roasted himself: