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17 Famous People Who Literally Almost Died In Real Life Or While Filming A Movie

Leo DiCaprio went skydiving but BOTH of his parachutes didn't work, and he almost hit the ground. He said it was "one of the worst experiences of my life."

Note: Some of the following stories include graphic descriptions.

1. Brendan Fraser passed out after almost accidentally hanging himself while filming a scene in The Mummy because he wanted it to look super realistic.

Brendan talking about the event on a talk show in 2019 vs. screenshots of him in the scene from "The Mummy"

Here's Brendan Fraser telling the full story:

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2. Leo DiCaprio went skydiving one time, but BOTH of his parachutes didn't work, resulting in "one of the worst experiences" of his life.

Leo DiCaprio talking to Ellen DeGeneres on her couch

3. Leo DiCaprio was also on a plane when one of the engines burst into flames, and during the emergency landing, all of the tires exploded.

Leo talking to Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show

Here's Leo DiCaprio telling both of those stories:

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WB /

4. Jackie Chan has broken pretty much every single part of his body (and he even has a hole in his head), but one time he cracked his skull while filming a stunt for Armour of God.

Jackie Chan being interviewed, as well as blooper stills from the movie "Armour of God" with Jackie drinking beer and lying on the ground

Here's Jackie Chan telling the full story about cracking his head, and below is the video of him talking about all of his other on-set injuries:

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5. Meryl Streep and Tracey Ullman were both on a flight when one of the engines exploded and then the other cut out, causing the plane to rapidly descend and make an emergency landing.

Tracey and Meryl at the AFI Lifetime Achievement Awards

Here's Tracey Ullman telling the full story:

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6. Steve-O broke his skull after flying off a balcony at the University of Miami and landing on his face on the concrete.

Steve-O on "Hot Ones" with an illustration of him flying out of a balcony

The video is age-restricted, but you can watch Steve-O tell the full story here.

7. Michael J. Fox "swung unconsciously" after almost accidentally getting hanged while filming Back to the Future Part III.

Michael J. Fox filming a scene with a rope around his neck in Back to the Future Part III

Here's the full scene from Back to the Future Part III:

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8. Betty Danko, aka Margaret Hamilton's stunt double in The Wizard of Oz, spent 11 days in the hospital after a pipe in the character's broomstick exploded, throwing her across the set.

The Wicked Witch flying through the sky, plus close-ups of Betty and Margaret

9. Jason Statham almost drowned at the bottom of the Black Sea while filming a driving stunt for The Expendables 3.

Jason Statham telling the story on "The Tonight Show"

Here's Jason Statham telling the full story:

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10. Angus Cloud accidentally fell into a construction ditch when he was younger and broke his skull, along with multiple fingers, and then he had to climb out after waking up 12 hours later.

Angus in an interview where the scar on his scalp is visible

11. Sylvester Stallone was hit so hard in the chest by Dolph Lundgren while filming a boxing scene in Rocky IV that he had to stay in the ICU for nine days.

The end fight of Rocky vs. Drago in "Rocky IV"

Here's Sylvester Stallone telling the full story:

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12. Harrison Ford has been flying planes and helicopters for years, and he's survived multiple crashes and injuries, including a broken back.

Harrison Ford being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres, plus screenshots from news coverage of his crash and being carried away on a stretcher

Here's Harrison Ford telling the full story of his 2015 crash:

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WB /

13. Buddy Ebsen was the original Tin Man in The Wizard of Oz, but the aluminum dust from the makeup nearly killed him, so he was replaced by Jack Haley.

Buddy Ebsen dressed as the Tin Man

Here's Buddy Ebsen telling the full story (from 16:41–17:49):

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14. Isla Fisher almost drowned in front of the entire cast and crew while filming an underwater "magic trick" scene in Now You See Me.

Isla Fisher trapped submerged in water in a cage in "Now You See Me"

Here's Isla Fisher telling the full story:

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15. Oliver Robins' character in Poltergeist was supposed to get choked by a clown doll, but he ~actually~ got choked while filming the scene, which literally caused him to turn purple.

The clown wrapping its arm around Oliver's neck

Here's the full scene with the clown doll from Poltergeist:

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Amblin Productions /

16. Dylan O'Brien was severely injured in a stunt gone wrong while filming the final Maze Runner movie, leaving him with a facial fracture and brain trauma.

Dylan O'Brien in an interview, plus a screenshot of him hanging from a train in "Death Cure"

Here's Dylan O'Brien briefly talking about the incident:

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17. And Jessica Lange was on a flight with Ryan Murphy when the power shut off and the pilot's control panel broke down, causing everyone to sob and scream for their lives...except Jessica.

Ryan Murphy in a red-suede suit on stage

Here's Ryan Murphy telling the full story (from 9:56–11:38):

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