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35 Facts That Prove "Space Jam" Is Criminally Underrated

It only got a 35 on Rotten Tomatoes, but it'll always be a 100 in your heart.

1. The movie opens with R. Kelly's Grammy Award-winning song "I Believe I Can Fly", making all your troubles fade away.

2. There's a three and a half minute montage of Michael Jordan slam-dunking to the tune of the Space Jam theme song, which is also brilliant.

3. The animation is out of this world.

4. And just when you think it can't get any better, your adult-self realizes that Danny DeVito voiced Swackhammer, the evil alien.

5. Roger Ebert liked it.

6. At one point, the Looney Tunes literally stop what they're doing and put on a movie that explains what basketball is.

7. Michael Jordan does a full-on shirtless scene.

8. Daffy Duck wore this, reminding you that Americans actually wore these clothes.

9. Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan kiss on the lips.

10. The whole film is a blatant joke about Michael Jordan’s real-life baseball career.

11. The whole movie is full of Warner Bros. porn.

12. And Wayne Knight makes fun of Michael Jordan for having so many sponsors.

13. Sylvester the cat only says "Sufferin' Succotash" twice.

14. Bill Murray wore this umbrella hat throughout most of the film.

15. They made an "is it because I'm white?" joke.

16. A 15-year-old girl calls Charles Barkley a wannabe and tells him to “be gone”.

17. Charles Barkley made a joke about his former relationship with Madonna.

18. As a sensual Barry White song plays in the background, a therapist asks Patrick Ewing if he’s having trouble performing in bed.

19. This film introduced the character Lola Bunny.

20. There's a boner joke.

21. Most of the movie was shot in front of a green screen, clearly paving the way for inferior knockoffs, like Avatar.

22. The originality of the team names "Tune Squad" and "MonStars" is unmatchable.

23. There's a Pulp Fiction reference.

24. At one point, THIS was the score, proving that the writers basically stopped trying.

25. There’s only one fart joke throughout the whole movie – a record for children's films.

26. In the movie, Bill Murray is confused for Dan Aykroyd. #Ghostbusters

27. Michael Jordan extends his arm and dunks the ball from half court, winning the game for the Tune Squad.

28. Suddenly, “I Believe I Can Fly” blasts in the background as MJ makes a dramatic entrance from a spaceship onto a baseball field.

29. MJ's whole family was in the movie. Cute, right? Even though they were all replaced by professional actors...

30. The most touching moment of the film is when MJ is inspired to join the MLB after his father dies.

31. Bugs Bunny is billed higher than Michael Jordan on the movie poster.

32. And the whole movie was based off of a 90-second Nike ad that featured both Bugs and MJ.

33. What's most impressive is that Space Jam made over $230 million worldwide in 1996.

34. But the nostalgia doesn't end there; the Space Jam website hasn’t been updated in over 10 years.

35. And the most important reason why Space Jam should have garnered better reviews is because Michael Jordan said this: