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I Asked AI What The "Most Beautiful Person" In 27 Countries Would Look Like, And Here Are The Results

The Australian one looks EXACTLY like a mashup of Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

Disclaimer: The following images were created using generative AI image models for the sake of entertainment and curiosity. The images also reveal the biases and stereotypes that currently exist within AI models and are not meant to be seen as accurate or full depictions of human experience.

1. United States

A woman with long brunette hair and an American flag behind her

2. Scotland

A man with red hair and a royal blue scarf around him

3. Germany

A woman with blonde hair and fair skin and wearing a jacket with the colors of the German flag

4. Australia

A muscular blonde man with a beard and mustache at the beach and an Australian flag behind him

5. Jamaica

A woman with long, dark locs wearing green and yellow clothes, including a head wrap

6. Canada

A brunette man with a beard and mustache and a Canadian flag on his red jacket while he stands in the snow

7. India

A woman with long brunette hair wearing a dress in the colors of India's flag

8. Brazil

A brunette man with stubble in a green, yellow, and black dress shirt with short sleeves

9. Ireland

A woman with long red hair in a green shirt

10. France

A brunette man with some facial hair standing in front of the Eiffel Tower

11. China

A woman with long, black hair in a red shirt

12. Greece

A fit man with short black hair wearing blue and white

13. Poland

A blonde woman in a red and white shirt with flowers in her hair

14. Ghana

A muscular man with braids wearing a green shirt

15. Honduras

A woman with long, brunette hair in a blue blouse

16. Japan

A young man with black hair in a red jacket with a hood

17. Iceland

A blonde woman outside and wearing a thick sweater with a loose turtleneck collar

18. Philippines

A dark-haired man in a white shirt with a blurry version of the Philippines flag behind him

19. Mexico

A woman with long brunette hair wearing a shirt with colors from the Mexican flag on it

20. Switzerland

A blonde-haired man with a red jacket in front of the Swiss Alps

21. England

A woman with brown hair standing in front of the colors of the UK flag

22. Sweden

A blonde man wearing a yellow and blue jacket and turtleneck sweater

23. Nigeria

A woman in a green buba top and gele head wrap, along with an ornate, multistrand necklace and long earrings

24. Argentina

A brunette man with a slight beard and mustache in a blue-and-gray shirt

25. South Korea

A woman with long, dark hair in a blue outfit

26. Egypt

A chiseled man with dark hair and slight facial hair in black and red clothes

27. And Russia

A woman with long, light brunette hair in a red jacket with a fur collar and hood, with a Muscovite building behind her