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    27 Iconic Moments From Paris And Nicole's "The Simple Life"

    Remember when Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie had to milk a cow? Yeah.

    1. That time Paris tried mopping while on a segway.

    2. That time Paris and Nicole were stewardesses.

    3. That time they changed Sonic's promo sign.

    4. That time Nicole was the perfect babysitter.

    5. That time Paris learned how to drive.

    6. That time Nicole stuck her whole arm up a cow's ass.

    7. That time Paris fell off a horse.

    8. And was flown to the hospital.

    9. That time Paris answered the timeless Baha Men question.

    10. That time Nicole helped this girl become popular.

    11. That time Nicole half-admitted to necrophilia.

    12. That time Paris reported on the weather.

    13. That time they worked for Wildlife Removal.

    14. That time Nicole got right to the point.

    15. That time they worked in a funeral home.

    16. That time Nicole convinced two frat guys to kiss each other.

    17. That time they visited random prison inmates.

    18. That time they tried to pay their toll in gum.

    19. That time Paris defaced a cow.

    20. And then felt bad because she disobeyed her own rules.

    21. That time they worked at a tanning salon.

    22. That time they had to milk a cow.

    23. That time Nicole called out Kim Kardashian.

    24. That time they worked the drive-thru window.

    25. That time Paris taught the world a valuable lesson.

    26. That time the world wondered why we supported this show for five seasons.

    27. And the time this man's life was made.