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    Happily Getting Married, But I Hate The Word Fiance

    It really is an awful word

    Really, it’s an awful word!

    It’s pretentious, cliche, snobby, boring, pompous, gaudy,

    and let’s be honest just difficult to say. lol

    Don’t get me wrong, ‘lover” “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” is fine, but I want to show how special our love makes me feel! How happy we are! The beauty of the hope and trust we are putting in our love.

    Fiance sounds like I’m trying to prove our relationships legitimacy, or that I got one “on the hook”.

    When I try to find a usable synonym, some are ok, such as “betrothed” and “promised”, but they are old fashioned and a little stuffy too.

    Some words are as cold as fish, such as “prospective spouse”.

    So I say screw that!

    Lets Make up a new word.

    An easy word, that rolls of the tongue, sounds charming, and reflects a more modern lexicon!

    If they can add “D’oh” to the Oxford Dictionary, we as a collective creative force can definitely do better than Fiance!!

    So add your words, make them up, create them, steal them, I don’t care.

    I Just want to say lovingly:

    “this is my ________ and we are in love and willing to try all life has to throw at us together, as a team.”

    Hopefully without looking like too much of a goof!

    Oh, and this is a completely marriage equality supportive post! So every type of love lifestyle is welcome.

    Looking forward to everyone’s/anyones input!

    Think, love, create, and never forget to smile!


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