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Orlando Sentinel Photographer Sets Up Special "Bread" Video Camera to Capture Captivating Views of Lake Eola's Seemingly Very Hungry Birds

Have you ever fed bread to a flock of hungry Ibis, seagulls, pigeons, grackles, ducks or swans? If you have, then you know how scary this can sometimes become as the birds peck, peck, PECK; closer, closer and CLOSER to snap-trap a beak-load! An Orlando Sentinel newspaper photographer, Joe Burbank, invents the "breadcam." (Footage edited by Sean Pitts.) Check out this cool video camera, set up to capture a feeding-frenzy of a flock of birds on Lake Eola in downtown Orlando that appear quite eager to chew the chow, nibble the kibble...or get their major bread-beaks and quack-snacks on.

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