What It’s Like To Grow Up With Divorced Parents

“Whose weekend is it?”

1. You had two houses which meant two rooms you got to decorate super cool.

2. You learned at a young age the art of, “pack only what you need” for when you went back and forth from mom and dad’s.

3. At School your friends had a hard time grasping the whole mom’s-house dad’s-house ordeal.

Little Johnny always needed time processing these sort of things

4. Oh, mom said no to Karen’s party? Good thing you’re with dad this weekend

sneaky, sneaky.

5. Two birthday celebrations, two holiday celebrations, two of everything, suckaaas.

6. You got thrown right into the trash talking business. “Your mother does not know anything about my financial state.”

7. This conversation happened frequently. Friend: “I’m here” You: “Where” Friend: “Mom’s house” You: “Oh… I’m at my dad’s” Friend: “Dammit”

8. You knew who to tell certain things to, and the best part was you knew they wouldn’t tell one another. Because they don’t talk, Naturally.

Not sure of the gif relevance on this one ^

9. One of them was a whole lot less strict than the other. “PARTY AT MY MOMS TONIGHT. SHE’S BRINGING THE KEG.”

10. There were two opportunities to be taken on vacation, and Mom and Dad’s ideas of vacation were both very different.

11. You got a head start on the other kids learning how to please two parties.

Which has also led to the phoney you are today. Lol jk.

12. On college breaks the only thing you’re stressed about is spending equal amount of time with both parents

13. Mom or dad was always jealous of the other for something absurd, so you’re pretty familiar with the feeling of disappointing someone.

14. You’re were no stranger to ridiculous accusations like, “Is that why you go to your dad’s all the time, because he lets you eat there?”

15. You’re mom or dad having a new bf/gf is as mundane as you putting on your socks in the morning

16. Being put in the middle of a fight is kind of your thing.

17. You and your sibs are super close because you guys went through a whole lotta shit together

18. You started asking for hard evidence once the two sides to every story thing got out of control

19. You heard this a lot: “Is your father putting those words into your mouth?” or vice versa.

20. Annnddd, you probably have no interest in the marriage institution, and you’re perfectly okay with that.

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