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8 Struggles Of Being In The Dropshipping Industry

You may have heard of it, or maybe not, but drop shipping is a commonly used tactic for e-commerce businesses. Instead of having products in-store and paying for warehouse and retail space, drop shipping allows businesses to route online customer orders to the supplier. The supplier directly ships the order to the customer. Sounds easy, low-cost, and stress free –right? Wrong. Well, everything but the latter part. Dropshipping allows for no middle-man, eliminates inventory risk, less capital require, and it's easy to get started. But, before you start up an e-commerce business selling solar powered cooling hats (yes, that’s an actual thing) I’d say – cool your jets.

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1. You never really know your inventory.

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So vain of you to think you're your manufacturers only supplier. You're most likely not, which means the biweekly inventory reports they send you are practically useless.

2. Although they try, suppliers aren't always in cahoots with the production time you tell your customers.

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"MUST SHIP BY" - highlight it, bold it, italicize, it. You're not yelling at them, simply accentuating it's importance. But, also probably yelling at them.

4. One order can have items from multiple manufacturers

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This means multiple purchase orders, and probably a call from a confused and frustrated customer asking where the rest of their order is.

8. Getting a tracking number is like winning the lottery - f'get about it.


This is frustrating for your business because when customers order something online, they want to know exactly when it's going to arrive because hello instant gratification.

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