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    • soupdoggydogg

      If you CHOOSE to get into a car and drive after drinking and becoming drunk, and you get a DUI or worse, kill someone, you are held responsible right???? So why is the female not held responsible when she drinks too much and makes a shitty decision while intoxicated to have sex with another intoxicated person???? If they are both intoxicated, then it is BOTH of their faults it happened. Sex is a two way street. Now if the female is intoxicated to the point that she is asleep/passed out, and THEN they are having sex, well that is an entirely different scenario. But the girl in this story was NOT passed out. She was sitting against a brick wall of some sort, and from what we see, is allowing this guy to go to town. What is being shown up above, and from what I’ve read to be true, they CHOSE TOGETHER to engage in this consensual activity. So sorry, but there is no sexual trauma here, or rape , or molestation. Stop trying to make this guy look like a rapist POS and ruin his reputation for life.

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