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29 Signs You Grew Up In Manchester In The '90s

It wasn't that grim up north. But it was rainy.

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1. You made a pilgrimage to this place

To recreate a classic album cover

2. Your bus to school looked like this

3. And there were few things more annoying than a bent Clipper Card

4. You got the Met (never Metrolink) into town

5. A shopping trip wasn't complete without a trip to Affleck's Palace

6. Where you'd stock up up on crushed velvet outfits...

7. Hair dye in every shade of rebellion...

8. Jasmine joss sticks for your bedroom...

9. A poster of that new band you liked...

10. And snigger at the vast array of condoms on sale in Rubber Plantation

11. You thought you were cool because you bought The Stone Roses' "Second Coming" from Vinyl Exchange

12. You remember when the Arndale Centre looked like a giant public toilet

13. Some of your friends lived in Ramsbottom

And there was nothing funny about that. At all.
Calotype4 / Via Flickr: calotype46

And there was nothing funny about that. At all.

14. When it came to going out you were either regretting it already in Piccadilly 21s

15. Or at a foam party in Royales

16. Or pulling an all nighter at Jilly's Rockworld (though of course you called it Cockworld)

17. But your favourite club was the Ritz because of its springy dancefloor

18. All the boys thought they looked like this

19. But actually looked like this

20. As a young woman you were given a special invisible winter coat

21. Your school's idea of an educational field trip involved textiles...

22. Steam engines...

23. Or canals

24. And their idea of a 'fun' day out was a visit to

25. The price of getting a lift to school was to endure one of Steve Penk's 'hilarious' wind up calls on Key 103

26. But generally you were proud of your city's DJs

Photo: Rex
Hayley Madden/Rex USA

27. You knew which side you were on

28. And which boyband was the best

Larry Busacca/WireImage
Mick Hutson/Redfern

29. But above all, there was one thing you knew to be true

If you went outside...

It would be raining

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