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19 Things British Politicians Do That Would Be Weird If You Did Them

Getting a guided tour of an Asda.

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1. Play sports in formalwear.

"What shall we wear for the badminton match tonight?"

"Shirts, smart trousers and black leather shoes, but no ties lads, remember we're doing sport."


5. And invite colleagues visiting from other countries round to your house so you can hold hands with them on your doorstep.

Chris Ratcliffe / Getty Images

FAO all employees: Everyone meet outside my flat at 6pm so we can all hold hands with Curt from the Germany office.

7. And only ever speak with your hands like you're doing the "big fish little fish cardboard box" routine.

Paul Ellis / AFP / Getty Images

Honestly, gesticulating that much must be exhausting.


10. Go on slightly grim holidays even though you can probably afford not to.

We know you're both loaded you don't exclusively have to holiday in rainy British carparks.


16. And wave at members of the public from a bus as you go round a roundabout in a grim area of town.

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

Probably be a bit weird if you did this on a bus in Sheffield.

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