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    20 Of The Silliest Reasons People Had To Take Their Pet To The Vet

    Bless the dog who sprained her tail from wagging too hard.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the silliest reason they ever had to take their pet to the vet. Here are some of the funniest answers:

    1. "My dog sprained her tail wagging it too hard."


    2. "I had to take my rabbit to the out-of-hours vet because she wasn't eating. Just as the vet called us into the room she started munching on the hay in her carrier. It cost me £120 to tell the vet my rabbit was eating."

    – Georgina Measey, Facebook

    3. "One night my six-month-old goldendoodle ate her own collar."

    – Alex Yates-Robinson, Facebook

    4. "My mother called one day because her cat had started screaming and wouldn't stop and she thought it was having a heart attack. I drove over, picked them both up, and drove the screaming cat and my screaming mother to the emergency 24-hour vet, barely avoiding a speeding ticket. They rushed him in and put him on oxygen.

    "Turned out the cat was having a panic attack. Which cost us $1,800. Good thing we all loved that bloody animal!"

    – Bernice Russell, Facebook

    5. "My dog was lying on the bed watching TV with the family when he started making a really strange crying sound. Somehow he'd managed to get his claw stuck in his eyelid. $550 later, the vets were able to return him to his tail-waggy, full-visioned self."


    6. "My cat had a cone on after an operation. She stopped eating and using the litter box and she became lethargic. One night I laid her on the bed next to me and when I woke up the next morning, she hadn't moved at all and was purring weakly. Convinced that she was dying, I called the vet, who was out of town, and he got so worried he came to check up on her.

    "I seriously cannot explain how concerned we all were until we got to the vet and he took off the cone, at which point she magically came back to life. She scratched the vet in the face, ate two pouches of wet food, and drank a boatload of water. She didn't like the cone, so she pretended she was dying."

    – Maria Kokora, Facebook

    7. "Our whippets jumped onto the kitchen table and ate half a kilo of fudge. After that you could never leave a package/parcel lying around near them – they would rip it open, looking for fudge."

    – Lucy Page, Facebook

    8. "I got a new guinea pig called Oscar. My other one, Kenny, was so excited to have a new friend that he sprained his foot from jumping around."

    – Rezwana Mahzabeen, Facebook

    9. "My grandma's dog Zeena once ate an entire rubber spatula. Grandma gave it to the dog to lick clean and before she knew it it went gulp into her gullet. $700 and a vet visit later both dog and spatula came out just fine."


    10. "My cat shredded and ate a bag."


    11. "I had a pet ferret named Sugar. One night she started pooping blood and I freaked out and drove her straight to the emergency vet 45 minutes away. $200 later found out it wasn’t blood, just red fruit snacks she had been munching on…"


    12. "My black Lab was being strangely lethargic. Her stomach was abnormally firm, and my mind flashed back to all those sad Marley & Me scenes. So I drove her to the emergency vet in a panic where they gave her an X-ray, and found about 5 pounds of dog kibble in her overly extended stomach. Turns out I had left the dog food container open and she ate everything that was inside!"


    13. "My dog had been crying for a really long time so I took him to the out-of-hours vet. Turns out he was just emotional because my parents had gone out."


    14. "I was convinced that my dog had ticks on his chest so I drove him over 90 minutes away to the vet only to find out that the bumps were just his nipples."


    15. "One day at work I got a phone call from my husband saying he was rushing our dog Sissy to the vet because he found her in the fridge overdosing on leftover Chinese food. She jumped in the fridge without us noticing and just went for it! The vet had had to pump her stomach because 3–4 takeout boxes' worth of food for a 7lb dog isn’t very safe. I don’t think she regretted it at all."


    16. "We had to take my cat Geoffrey to the vet, not because there was anything wrong, but because his twin sister Zadie had to go to the vet and she refused to go without him. Every time Zadie went to the vet, Geoffrey would come for moral support. He would walk around the vet with her and meet new people."


    17. "My cat was sweating like mad and couldn't move. We took him to the vet, who squeezed his belly and a fart came out. It turns out he ate some cheese before and he can’t stand the lactose."


    18. "Once my dog Lamar ate an entire month’s worth of my birth control pills. Thankfully, he was fine, but the hormones made him really moody for about a week or so. I thought my mood swings were bad, but not as bad as a puppy hopped up on hormones!"


    19. "Our childhood gigantic Lab ate a flashlight. He ate the entire thing, and it was flashing on and off while he swallowed as I was frantically trying to get it out of his mouth."


    20. "My dog had been limping and howling in pain for days. It turned out she’s just lazy and was faking an ankle injury so she wouldn’t have to go for a walk."


    Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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