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    19 Pictures That Sum Up Growing Up In Britain

    ME: just broke my leg. TEACHER: lol just put a wet paper towel on it.

    1. When your mum hit you with that killer response.

    @hit105brisbane / Via Twitter: @hit105brisbane

    2. Doing this every year on December 1st.

    Argos / Stabilo Boss / BuzzFeed

    3. Getting to play with this high quality toy whenever you were ill.

    @sophie_gadd / Via Twitter: @sophie_gadd

    Even as an adult it's impossible to resist moving one of the beads when no-one is looking.

    4. Knowing exactly what time it was based on these:

    Justin imagines / Via

    5. And constantly experiencing this struggle.

    @damolac / Via Twitter: @damolac

    6. Learning the cure for all illnesses at primary school.

    komorebi-23 / Via

    7. And that there was no lie greater than these "crash mats".

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    8. Getting off your face for under ยฃ1 on these.

    @remusbucky / Via Twitter: @remusbucky

    9. Singing Jesus anthems every week.

    #growingupbritish sitting on a solid wooden floor singing pure Jesus anthems when you weren't even religious ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜

    10. And acting like royalty when you got picked to be in charge of the overhead projector.

    Sophie Gadd / BuzzFeed

    11. Having half your conversations look something like this.

    @SoVeryBritish / Via Twitter: @soverybritish

    12. And growing up knowing exactly who not to trust.


    13. Watching these two for half your life.

    sophaylavender / BBC /The LadBible / Via

    14. Always being late to school because you were watching this pair of likely lads.

    @aamzzz_ / Via Twitter: @aamzzz_

    Did you know? Little Cook was actually a normal sized man!

    15. And knowing this girl was a pure snake.

    CBBC / @olive_joe / Via Twitter: @oliver_joe

    16. Realising this will always be true.

    elizascorn / Via

    17. When your parents tried to convince you you'd grow into your secondary school blazer.

    18. Telling this lie when you were a teenager.

    19. Because The Inbetweeners was basically a documentary about your life in secondary school.

    Warner Bros. / Channel 4 / Via


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