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19 Times Gordon Ramsay Was Absolutely Iconic

"What are you?" "AN IDIOT SANDWICH."

1. When the kitchen was, shockingly, hot.

2. When he was the master of motivation.

3. When he called someone this.

4. When Abby had no time for his shit.

5. When he tweeted about his allergies.

6. When he explained himself to Ryan Seacrest.

7. When he used this scathing insult.

8. And when he uttered this beautiful phrase.

9. When he got served this rice boob.


11. When he said this.

12. When his son was asked to do an impression of him and he was so proud.

13. When he told an absolutely A+ joke.

14. When he had a tough decision to make.

15. When he had this common life goal.

16. When this person summed up the difference between Chef Ramsay on British and American Kitchen Nightmares.

17. When he saw right through a contestant's bullshit.

18. When he was everyone who's ever had shitty work colleagues.

19. And of course, when he said this in a skit.