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19 Times Gordon Ramsay Was Absolutely Iconic

"What are you?" "AN IDIOT SANDWICH."

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1. When the kitchen was, shockingly, hot.

FOX / sherlock-hannibal / Via

2. When he was the master of motivation.

3. When he called someone this.

FOX / andiecast / Via

4. When Abby had no time for his shit.

FOX / Mcnuggetclub / Via

5. When he tweeted about his allergies.


6. When he explained himself to Ryan Seacrest.

7. When he used this scathing insult.

FOX / fyeahgordonramsay / Via

8. And when he uttered this beautiful phrase.

FOX / fyeahgordonramsay / Via

The English language is so beautiful.

9. When he got served this rice boob.

FOX / starvingfartist / Via


11. When he said this.

FOX / churchofsuicide / Via

12. When his son was asked to do an impression of him and he was so proud.

FOX / daisy-ze-medic / Via

13. When he told an absolutely A+ joke.

gordonramsayfacts / Via

14. When he had a tough decision to make.

FOX / rejectsandlosers / Via

15. When he had this common life goal.

16. When this person summed up the difference between Chef Ramsay on British and American Kitchen Nightmares.

renfamous / Via

17. When he saw right through a contestant's bullshit.

FOX / meijilab / Via

18. When he was everyone who's ever had shitty work colleagues.

19. And of course, when he said this in a skit.