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    19 Cats Who Are Beautiful Furry Idiots

    They're not ~always~ the smartest creatures.

    1. This baby who will never give up on her dreams.

    @mcdf1977 / Via Twitter: @mcdf1977

    2. This fluffball who just realised the huge mistake they made.

    @emmak_jones / Via Twitter: @emmak_jones

    "Oh shit".

    3. This furry monster who fell for the oldest trick in the book.

    Shrewsbarista / Via

    4. This cat who saw no reason to play by the rules.

    @bennysantoro / Via Twitter: @bennysantoro

    No reason at all.

    5. This lovely derpy floof.

    robotheads / Via

    6. This kitty who just decided to drink from the dog's bowl.

    @JusttTamara / Via Twitter: @JusttTamara

    7. This kitty who's fine, totally fine.

    @Whit_by / Via Twitter: @Whit_by

    8. This spooky cat who's acting pretty chill about the whole situation.

    @byjanehammond / Via Twitter: @byjanehammond

    9. And this cat who has made a grave error.

    Savage_Scavange / Via Twitter: @Savage_Scavange

    10. This little bear who's kind of stuck.

    @lizmiron / Via Twitter: @lizmiron

    11. This orange baby who isn't really sure where to go from here.

    @thatdenisegirl_ / Via Twitter: @thatdenisegirl_

    He's just rolling with it.

    12. This kitty who just needs a little bit of help.

    @YasmeenMansour / Via Twitter: @YasmeenMansour

    13. And this kitty who's just wearing this bag as a fashion statement.

    @AmbiRose96 / Via Twitter: @AmbiRose96

    14. This kitten who is seconds away from making a huge mistake.

    TommyOHare / Via

    15. This silly billy.

    @Aluminum_Iodide / Via Twitter: @Aluminum_Iodide

    16. This cat who found the most genius way to catch their tail.

    @emcghee95 / Via Twitter: @emcghee95

    17. And this cat who found the perfect solution to the faff of washing themselves.

    @lazdenes / Via Twitter: @lazdenes

    18. This kitty who is VERY grateful that you're here.

    @hollsteinstrash / Via Twitter: @hollsteinstrash

    "Nothing to see here".

    19. Bless all of these beautiful silly kittens.

    BruiserBrodyNoSell / Via

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