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15 Ways To Convince Yourself That Summer Isn't Over Yet

August you OK hun? Cause you're acting like a real bitch.

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1. Wear your shortest denim shorts and sit outside with the patio heater on. Practically in Mykonos.

2. Drink Rose with every meal. There's no judgement here.

3. Set your email to Out of Office even when you are at your desk.

4. BBQ all of your food. Pasta? Garlic bread? Sling it on the grill.

5. Wear your cutest bikini to the newsagents.

6. Get drunk and hook up with people you plan on never seeing/speaking to/looking at again.

7. In fact. Make A LOT of questionable decisions. But back it up with phrases like YOLO and I'M ON HOLIDAY.

8. Telling people how you're such a summer baby. I love dancing till midnight under the moonlight and making memories to last a lifetime.

9. Set up a paddling pool in your living room. Regardless of whether your family are trying to watch Bake Off.

10. Carry suncream with you everywhere. There's nothing like being prepared.


11. Make like you're having a mid-life crisis and take up extreme Summer sports.

12. Make a summer playlist that includes endless Euro Pop and Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull combinations. Learn all the words.

13. Organise a wet t-shirt competition at work.

14. Be sure to carry around a handful of sand to insert into the crotch of your bikini bottoms at any given moment.

15. Absolutely refuse to check the weather. Rain is for quitters.

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