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6 Hilarious Twitter Accounts That Will Make Your Entire Day.

Parody accounts on Twitter are a smorgasbord of internet comedy, daily churning out 140 character portions of easily digestible humour to state your appetite for lols. From the divine to the dull, these six Tweeters are some of the wittiest and most underrated comedians on the web.

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The Tweet of God

"I'm your dope-ass divinity, trollin' with My trinity, tossin' top tweets in your immediate vicinity, flingin' fly phrases from the fringes of infinity."

With one of the all-time greatest bio introductions on Twitter to date, the big man upstairs guides your path with 150 characters of holy trolling.


Burlington Coat Factory

Do you love to coat big time? In the same way we love Shiba doge and engrish memes this amazing parody account gets the people of Burlington conversing about #coats.

N.B. After gaining far too much popularity as @BurlCoatFactory the real BCF had their account shut down, but thankfully Not Burlington Coats reemerged, much to everyone's delight.


GS Elevator Gossip

Spawned as a result of the Conde Nast Elevator account success (and subsequent shutdown) this truly gem-worthy twitter feed indulges you in the hilarious and unapologetic musings of the nation's 1%.


Hipster Mermaid

The man behind the original Little Hipster Mermaid meme, Braden Graeber has one of the funniest and most follow-worthy accountsout there. His 'first world problems' style hipster/angst musings are more on-trend than thick-framed Ray Bans.


Kevin Farzad

He's not a celebrity, or even particularly internet famous by today's standards with 13,000 followers, but he really ought to be since Kevin Farzad is one of the funniest tweeters in the Twittersphere. His continual deliverance of genuinely hilarious one-liners earned him a mention on Ellen and a lot of internet respect.


Boring Tweeter

This one takes the cake. From the entirely beige profile to the benign photos of household objects, this is quite literally, the most boring collection of tweets ever. Ricky Gervais is a huge fan and regularly engages the Boring Tweeter in a little small talk, much to his (and everyone else's) amusement. Boring has never been this funny.

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