Joshua Del Valle
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    • Joshua Del Valle

      I love all the sympathy and comments on the girl’s post. I think it’s great. I need to add (like salt for Chef) that I happen to know first hand that the writer and every other cook worth his or her Maldon, Baleine, Diamond Crystal… (SALT) receives and immense amount of joy and pleasure coupled with every break, hardship, sacrifice you get from what you read above. It’s like not stopping to have a meal while your having really good sex. But a bite here and there works in both scenarios eh. First thing that comes to mind, go figure I’m a male cook (see girlcooks other post on things you learn about men…). It’s okay to feel for us, we’re exhausted, underpaid, overworked. But we have a job that at its best, here I go again, is orgasmic. When you put up a perfect fish, duck breast med rare, sauce slips off your spoon like it was its destiny to pool just so. Sometimes all night long. And sometimes it sucks. But even then mick jagger couldnt tell you more about satisfaction.

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