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This Woman Made A Whole Book Dedicated To Body-Shaming For Her College Project

I'd give that an A+.

22-year-old Bengaluru-based artist Kritika Trehan had to base her final college project on Naomi Wolf's book on feminism and the beauty industry, The Beauty Myth.

After reading the book, reflecting on her own experiences and speaking to other people, she realised that everyone has had enough of people shaming them for their appearances.

She compiled her work into a book called Excess.

"The reason I decided to use collages as a medium to tell the stories was because body-shaming has been all about asking people to alter their bodies," Trehan told BuzzFeed.

"While reading the book, I have realised that the worst inputs come from the things we see around us," she explained.

She went through vintage catalogues and magazines and realised that they catered to only one kind of woman — tall and skinny.

"I saw that women have been compared to fruits and vegetables and it was beyond exciting for me to talk about how strange that seems to me."

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